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Bible Trivia“The game whereTrivia is not Trivial

For Adults

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[i] Introduction
This is a Bible “Trivia” but it is not trivial!
This Bible game is comprised of fully referenced and scripturally sound general question from the Old Testament (OT), and the New Testament (NT); and other specific questions related to Bible history and geography (HG); prophets and prophesy (P); Names (N); Letters numbers and sequences (LNS) and questions from the wisdom literature (W) of the Bible.


[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b60bd92d52715″ question_number=”1″] OT:
When Rachel was naming her son Joseph, what did she ask God for?

[a] Another son
(Gen. 30:24)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b60a64a5e3f15″ question_number=”2″] OT:
What did Esau sell to Jacob for a bowl of stew?

[a] His birthright
(Gen. 25:29-34)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b608a59cf8f15″ question_number=”3″] OT:
To whom were the following words spoken: “Behold, I give you a wise and discerning mind, so that none like you has been before you and none like you shall arise after you.”?

[a] Solomon
(1 Kings 3:12)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b6070bd4cc315″ question_number=”4″] OT:
Which book describes the death of Moses?

[a] Deuteronomy
(Deuteronomy 34)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b6054ccbe1315″ question_number=”5″] OT:
What king of Persia married a Jewess unknowingly?

[a] Ahasuerus or Xerxes
(Esther 2:17-20)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b602d37f3ef15″ question_number=”6″] OT:
Which book in the OT makes the first mention of Jerusalem?

[a] Joshua
(Chapter 10)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b601147653f15″ question_number=”7″] OT:
After the Israelites worshiped the golden calf, which tribe responded to the question, “Who is on the Lord’s side? Come to me.”

[a] The Levites
(Exo. 32:26)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5ff7aae27315″ question_number=”8″] OT:
What incident motivated Samson to burn the Philistine cornfields?

[a] His Philistine wife was given to another man by her father.
(Judges 15:1-5)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5fd96647df15″ question_number=”9″] OT
On what object did dew miraculously appear at the request of a man?

[a] A fleece
(Judges 8:38)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5fbfc9c51315″ question_number=”10″] OT:
What was the second sign Moses gave to the Israelite leaders to convince them he had come from God?

[a] Making his hand leprous and then restoring it again.
(Exodus 4:6-7, 30)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5fa62d424715″ question_number=”11″] OT
Who took Job’s children from him?

[a] Satan
(Job 1:12, 18, 19)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5f8a3cb39715″ question_number=”12″] OT:
To whom did God give the covenant of circumcision?

[a] Abraham
(Genesis 17:9-10)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5f3d672b3315″ question_number=”13″] OT:
Who was Moses’ nursemaid as a child?

[a] His mother
(Exodus 2:8-9)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5ef539ba9715″ question_number=”14″] OT:
Which king of Israel did God designate by saying: “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart”?

[a] David
(1 Samuel 16:7)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5eddf143af15″ question_number=”15″] OT:
Who wrote the Ten Commandments upon the tablets?

[a] God
(Exodus 32:16)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5ebfaca91b15″ question_number=”16″] OT:
What did the Jews call the Old Testament during the time of Jesus (i.e. before the New Testament was written)?

[a] The Law and the Prophets

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5ea610264f15″ question_number=”17″] OT:
Who made the golden calf when Moses was on Mt. Sinai?

[a] Aaron
(Exodus 32:3-4)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5e8a1f979f15″ question_number=”18″] OT:
Who insisted that his son marry a non-Canaanite woman to protect his people from idolatry?

[a] Abraham
(Genesis 24)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5e6e2f08ef15″ question_number=”19″] OT:
In which book do we read the story of the birth of Moses?

[a] Exodus
(Exodus 2:1-10)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5e4fea6e5b15″ question_number=”20″] OT:
Who was buried on Mt. Nebo?

[a] Moses
(Deuteronomy 34)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5e364deb8f15″ question_number=”21″] OT:
For what sin was the first Israelite stoned during Moses’ leadership in the wilderness?

[a] Breaking the Sabbath
(Numbers 15:32-36)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5e110d2d4f15″ question_number=”22″] OT:
Who ate grass like cattle?

[a] Nebuchadnezzar
(Daniel 4:33)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1b5db19745cb15″ question_number=”23″] OT:
How did God show his forgiveness to David for sending Uriah into battle to be killed?

[a] Gave him and Bathsheba a second son after the first had died as a punishment.
(2 Samuel 24)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”24″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|e33879b74ef1″] HG:
What king banished his wife from his presence as an example of wifely disobedience for the households of his kingdom?

[a] Ahasuerus or Xerxes
(Esther 1:18-20)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”25″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|e2fe448e0af1″] HG:
What is the other name for the prophesied battlefield Armageddon used in Zechariah 12:11?

[a] Megiddo

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”26″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|e2cd5f9456f1″] HG:
How did Jezebel die?

[a] She was thrown out of a window
(2 Kings 9:32-33)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”27″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|e28e82534af1″] HG:
Who wrote the famous prayer-poem which begins, “Make me an instrument of they peace.”?

[a] St. Francis

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”28″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|e256a135eaf1″] HG:
In what year was the Miracle Six-Day War between Israel and Egypt?

[a] 1967

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”29″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|e1fe277212f1″] HG:
In what town did Ruth live when she met her second husband?

[a] Bethlehem
(Ruth 1:22)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”30″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|e1b84e0d5af1″] HG:
Who wrote the book of Leviticus?

[a] Moses

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”31″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|e04ac2c286f1″] HG:
In what city did Rehab live?

[a] Jericho
(Joshua 2)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”32″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|10d16514e3b502″] HG:
Paul had a vision of a man imploring him to come where?

[a] Macedonia
(Acts 16:6-10)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”33″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|10d13b2c0dad02″] HG:
Where did Jesus go immediately after he was baptized?

[a] The wilderness
(Matthew 4:1)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”34″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|10d0b1cd502102″] HG:
What people descended from Lot included varieties of human sacrifices in their pagan religion?

[a] Moabites

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”35″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|10d08a3885fd02″] HG:
What did God tell the Israelites to do before every battle in their own land when an enemy oppressed them?

[a] Blow trumpets
(Numbers 10:9)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”36″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|10d0420b156102″] HG:
In what town did Jesus perform his first miracle?

[a] Cana
(John 2:1-11)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”37″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|10d01f1e630502″] HG:
Which country’s queens had the dynasty named “Candace”?

[a] Ethiopia
(Acts 8:28-39)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”38″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|10cff2e1811902″] HG:
Which of the following cities is farthest North: Corinth, Thessalonica, Ephesus or Colossae?

[a] Thessalonica

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”39″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|10cf7e772e9102″] HG:
For whom were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon built?

[a] Nebuchadnezzar’s wife

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”40″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1eb25cf9d81763″] P
According to chapter one of Jeremiah, when did God decide to make Jeremiah a prophet?

[a] Before he was born
(Jeremiah 1:5)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”41″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1eb20b7c37eb63″] HG:
According to Church tradition, in what country was the Apostle Batholomew martyred?

[a] India

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”42″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1eb1da973e3763″] HG:
Which Babylonian ruler was assassinated by his sons?

[a] Sennacherib
(2 Kings 19:37)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”43″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1eb1a50a2cbb63″] HG:
When did the lifespan of man begin to decrease most rapidly?

[a] After the Flood

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”44″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1eb140ec2d6f63″] P
Which OT prophet prophesies that “the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many peoples like dew from the Lord”?

[a] Micah
(Michah 5:7)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”45″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|1eb0b2e5581b63″] P
Where does the God protect the “woman” in Revelation 12?

[a] In the wilderness
(Revelation 12:6)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”46″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|370a0feaa8458″] P
To whom does the term “the Lion of the tribe of Judah” refer?

[a] Jesus
(Revelation 5:5)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”47″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|3705b2545cc58″] P
What tribe replaces the tribe of Dan in Revelation?

[a] Manasseh
(Revelation 7)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”48″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36ff4b33a9c58″] P
Where does a prophet have least honour?

[a] In his own hometown (or country or house)
(Matthew 13:57; Luke 4:24)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”49″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36fb381edac58″] P
What two prophets were predominant during the reign of Zerubbabel?

[a] Haggai and Zechariah

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”50″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36f5fb0419c58″] P
In which chapter of the Bible is found the prophecy of the “seventy weeks” which foretells the year of the arrival of the Messiah?

[a] Daniel 9

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”51″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36f12dab93858″] P
How long according to Revelation will the holy city be trampled by the Gentiles prior to Jesus’ return in the last days?

[a] 42 months
(Revelation 11:2)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”52″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36ed1a96c4858″] P
Which OT prophet said that at the time of the end, “Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”?

[a] Daniel
(Daniel 12:4)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”53″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36e827fd80058″] P
To whose age or era does Jesus compare the days of his promised second coming in Matthews 24?

[a] Noah
(Matthew 24:36-42)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”54″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36e3ca6734858″] P
In which book of the Bible is Jesus referred to as ‘The Lion of the tribe of Judah’?

[a] Revelation
(Revelation 5:5)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”55″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36d721668cc58″] P
Who threatened to kill Elijah?

[a] Jezebel
(1 Kings 19:2)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”56″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36cfdac164458″] P
Which OT prophet prophesied the period of Judah’s captivity in Babylon would be 70 years?

[a] Jeremiah
(2 Chronicles 36:21)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”57″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36cbeced53858″] P
Which book of the Bible prophesies that in the last days, an enemy will descend and cover Israel like a cloud (perhaps meaning planes)?

[a] Ezekiel
(Ezekiel 38:9)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”58″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36c7d9d884858″] P
Which prophet prophesied future tribulation for the Jews and called it the time of Jacob’s trouble?

[a] Jeremiah
(Jeremiah 30:7)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”59″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36c4114532058″] P
What miracle did Elisha do in Jericho?

[a] Healed the polluted waters.
(2 Kings 2:15-21)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”60″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36bf692d6a058″] P
Which term of address which Jesus often used to refer to himself was also used to refer to Ezekiel more than 90 times in the Old Testament?

[a] Son of Man

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36b37a7079858″ question_number=”61″] P
Fill in the blank in Isaiah’s prophecy about the Messiah’s kingdom in the last days: “the wolf shall dwell with the________” 

[a] Lamb
(Isaiah 11:6)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”62″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|36adf2d43c058″] P
What is the woe unleashed by the fifth angel in Revelation 9:3?

[a] Locusts

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”63″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|369c573a4fc58″] P
Finish the warning of scripture, “knowing this first of all, that no prophesy of scripture comes from__________”?

[a] … “someone’s own interpretation.”
(2 Peter 1:20)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”64″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2d01a62ddc4d5″] P
What modern country is called God and Magog in Ezekiel 38?

[a] Russia

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophets” topic=”Prophets” question_number=”65″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cfcfe16144d5″] P
The first prophesy spoken by a human in the Bible was a curse upon whom?

[a] Canaan
(Genesis 9:25)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”66″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cf7c0fb534d5″] N
Who is the only author of the Bible known to have had leprosy for any length of time?

[a] Moses
(Exodus 4:6)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”67″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cf2141e578d5″] N
How many generations were there from Sarah to Benjamin?

[a] Three

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”68″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2ceb3d3b69cd5″] N
Who did David deliberately order put into the frontlines of battle?

[a] Uriah
(2 Samuel 11:15)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”69″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2ce5209c334d5″] N
Who was the wife of Boaz?

[a] Ruth
(Ruth 4:13)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”70″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2ce132c8228d5″] N
What king was a great grandson of Obed?

[a] Solomon
(Matthew 1:5-8)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”71″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cdc8ab05a8d5″] N
By what other name was Reuel, Moes’ father-in-law, known?

[a] Jethro
(Exodus 2:18 and 3:1)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”72″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cd89cdc49cd5″] N
Who was the older twin — Esau or Jacob?

[a] Esau
(Genesis 25:26)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”73″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cd489c77acd5″] N
What was the name of king Saul’s father?

[a] Kish
(1 Samuel 9:1-3)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”74″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cd09bf36a0d5″] N
What relative of Jehoida was Jehoshabeath?

[a] Wife
(2 Chronicles 22:10-12)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”75″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cccae1f594d5″] N
What relative was Sarah to Abraham before they were married?

[a] Half-Sister
(Genesis 20:11-13)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”76″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cc8c04b488d5″] N
What was the name of the firstborn son of Judah slain by the Lord for his evil ways?

[a] Er
(1 Chronicles 2:3)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”77″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cc4d27737cd5″] N
Who was Solomon’s mother?

[a] Bathsheba
(1 Samuel 12:24)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”78″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cc09a21aa8d5″] N
Who was renamed Jedidah by Nathan?

[a] Solomon
(2 Samuel 12:24-25)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”79″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cbac803f08d5″] N
Who was Moses’ personal aide from his youth?

[a] Joshua
(Numbers 11:28)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”80″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cb3a69f864d5″] N
What was the name of the second son of Gomer and Hosea?

[a] Lo-ammi
(Hosea 1:9)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”81″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2cae4444070d5″] N
Who was the first son of Cain?

[a] Enoch
(Genesis 4:17)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”82″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2ca6fd9ede8d5″] N
What relative was Lo-ruhamah of Lo-ammi?

[a] Sister
(Hosea 1:6-9)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”83″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2ca10640664d5″] N
Who lost his birthright by having illicit relations with his father’s concubine?

[a] Reuben
(Genesis 35:22)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”84″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2c8f4565bbcd5″] N
How were Isaac and Ishmael related?

[a] Half brothers
(Genesis 16:15; 21:3)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”85″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2c89bdc97e4d5″] N
What man watched an angel ascend into heaven in a flame?

[a] Manoah
(Judges 13:20)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”86″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2c85aab4af4d5″] N
Name the father of Ham?

[a] Noah
(Genesis 9:18)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”87″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2c80dd5c290d5″] N
Who was the second oldest man recorded in the Bible?

[a] Jared
(Genesis 5:20)

[q json=”true” unit=”Names” topic=”Names” question_number=”88″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|2c71e04f9d4d5″] N
Who was Sapphira’s huband?

[a] Ananias
(Acts 5:1)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”89″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d368ecffbf8e5″] LNS
From which story of a building did Eutychus fall out of a window while listening to Paul’s preaching?

[a] 3
(Acts 20:9)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”90″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d362ab1fcace5″] LNS
How many pairs of follows did Jesus send ahead of him to the towns he intended to visit?

[a] 35 pairs
(Luke 10:1)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”91″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d35cb3c1528e5″] LNS
Which book concludes with the benediction: “to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, before all time and now and forever.”?

[a] Jude

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”92″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d355b79da68e5″] LNS
What is the largest number of people to whom Jesus is recorded as appearing after his resurrection?

[a] 500
(1 Corinthians 15:6)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”93″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d34db6b4c6ce5″] LNS
How many loaves and how many fishes did Jesus use to feed the multitude of over 5,000?

[a] 5 loaves and 2 fish
(Matthew 14:17)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”94″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d344d647718e5″] LNS
How many stones did the Israelites place as a memorial where God dried up the Jordan to allow their passage?

[a] 12
(Joshua 4:9)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”95″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d3402e2fa98e5″] LNS
God, persuaded by Abraham, gradually lowered the number of righteous men he needed to find in Sodom before he would spare the city. Finally, he destroyed it because he could not find even how many?

[a] 10
(Genesis 18 & 19)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”96″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d33bab589fce5″] LNS
How many times did Noah send the dove out of the ark after the flood?

[a] 3
(Genesis 8:9-12)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”97″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d3354437ecce5″] LNS
How many wise men (or Magi) visited Jesus, according to the book of Matthew?

[a] The number of wise men is not specified in Matthew (or anywhere else in scripture).

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”98″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d32fbc9baf4e5″] LNS
How many of the 4 gospels record Peter’s denial of Christ?

[a] All four

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”99″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d3290af97fce5″] LNS
How many verses are there in the shortest  chapter in the Bible?

[a] 2
(Psalms 117:1-2)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”100″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d3212f515e4e5″] LNS
How many of the adult Israelites who left Egypt under Moses eventually entered the promised land?

[a] Two
(Numbers 14:30)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”101″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d31c61f8d80e5″] LNS
Which of the ten plagues brought upon Egypt by Moses was the plague of flies?

[a] 4th
(Exodus 8:24)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”102″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d31794a051ce5″] LNS
How many years did Eli lead Israel?

[a] 40 years
(1 Samuel 4:18)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”103″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d30f93b7720e5″] LNS
With how many plagues did the Lord smite Egypt to persuade them to free the Israelites?

[a] Ten

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”104″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d307484d15ce5″] LNS
How old was Joseph when he died?

[a] 110 years
(Genesis 50:26)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”105″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d2fe1d5e440e5″] LNS
How many times did Abraham marry?

[a] 2
(Genesis 11:29; Genesis 25:1)

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”106″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d2f7db7e4f4e5″] LNS
How do you spell “Abednego” a fellow captive with Daniel?

[a] Abednego

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”107″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d2f1bedf18ce5″] LNS
In what year was Jerusalem returned to control of Christendom from Mohammedans — 1896, 1897, 1901, 1914 or 1917?

[a] 1917

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”108″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d2eccc45d44e5″] LNS
How many more years did Methuselah live than Jared?

[a] 7 years
(Genesis 50:20 & 27) 

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”109″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d2d92721808e5″] LNS
To the nearest hundred, how many men did Elisha feed with twenty small loaves, having some left over?

[a] 100
(2 Kings 4:42-44) 

[q json=”true” unit=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” topic=”Letters,_Numbers_&_Sequence” question_number=”110″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|d2c24e6cd34e5″] LNS
Spell asceticism, meaning severe abstinence?

[a] Asceticism 

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”111″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18c160fa36aaec”] NT
Who asked Jesus, “Are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another?”

[a] John the Baptist
(Matthew 11:3) 

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”112″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18c075d185b6ec”] NT
Although not arrested or convicted, one of the twelve disciples was guilty of a crime after becoming one of the twelve. Name the disciple and the crime.

[a] Judas — Theft
(John 12:6) 

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”113″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18bfc4ddfe06ec”] NT
What was the unique distinction of the death of Stephen?

[a] He was the first Christian Martyr
(Acts 7:54-60) 

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”114″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18bf2436c992ec”] NT
Which book of the NT was written last?

[a] Revelation

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”115″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18be8f33d092ec”] NT
About whom was Jesus speaking when he said: “If it is my will that he remain until I come what is that to you?”

[a] John (the Apostle)
(John 21:21-24)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”116″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18bdfc84e376ec”] NT
Finish the following quotation of Paul: “For to me to live is Christ…”

[a] “and to die is gain.”
(Philippians 1:21)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”117″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18bd493d4fe2ec”] NT
What did Herod’s niece demand as a reward for her dancing?

[a] The head of John the Baptist on a platter
(Matthew 14:8)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”118″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18bcd27ef176ec”] NT
What did Jesus order just after he had raised Jairus’ daughter and she began to walk?

[a] That she be given something to eat
(Mark 5:43)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”119″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18bc23df75aaec”] NT
Who did the Lord instruct to go to Straight Street?

[a] Ananias
(Acts 9:10-11)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”120″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18bbad21173eec”] NT
Who was told that when he was old, he would be dressed and led by someone else?

[a] Simon (or Peter)
(John 21:18)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”121″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18bb1cc63606ec”] NT
What did Jesus say to disperse the crowd about to stone the adulteress?

[a] That he who was without sin should cast the first stone.
(John 8:7)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”122″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18ba7e730d76ec”] NT
Who brought Nathaniel to Jesus?

[a] Phillip
(John 1:46)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”123″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18b9c8d76dfeec”] NT
Complete the following verse: “My God, my God…”. 

[a] “why have you forsaken me?”
(Matthew 27:46)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”124″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18b94420c83aec”] NT
To whom did Jesus say, “my kingdom is not from the world.”

[a] Pilate
(John 18:36)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”125″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18b7e935dc86ec”] NT
What is the name theologians have given to the incident where Jesus talked with Moses and Elijah?

[a] The transfiguration
(Matthew 17:1-8)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”126″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18b7771f95e2ec”] NT
State three places or occasions when Myrrh was bestowed upon Jesus.

[a] The stable, the cross and the tomb

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”127″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18b6f268f01eec”] NT
What Greek word is used in NT theology for the second coming of Christ.

[a] Parousia

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”128″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18b64f6dafc6ec”] NT
What did Satan ask Jesus to do in his third temptation in the wilderness?

[a] Worship him
(Matthew 4:9)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”129″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18b5bcbec2aaec”] NT
How did Judas Iscariot die?

[a] Malchus
(John 18:10)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”130″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18b53a5c28caec”] NT
What action of Zacharias caused his speech to return?

[a] Writing the name “John”
(Luke 1:63-64)

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”131″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18b49c09003aec”] NT
Which book concludes with the statement that a man who converts a sinner saves a soul from death and covers a multitude of sins?

[a] James

[q json=”true” unit=”New_Testament” topic=”New_Testament” question_number=”132″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18b33c75fcbeec”] NT
To whom were the following words spoken, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb”?

[a] Mary
(Luke 1:42)

[q json=”true” unit=”Wisdom” topic=”Wisdom” question_number=”133″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18cc6936911fe1″] W
Which chapter in the Bible is known as the “love chapter”?

[a] 1 Corinthians 13
(1 Corinthians 13:1-8)

[q json=”true” unit=”Wisdom” topic=”Wisdom” question_number=”134″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18cbd1df8c3be1″] W
Which book’s last two verses contain the Great Commission?

[a] Matthew
(Matthew 28:19-20)

[q json=”true” unit=”Wisdom” topic=”Wisdom” question_number=”135″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18cb51d0fe3fe1″] W
Complete the following verse: “Judge not…”.

[a] “that you be not judged.” 
(Matthew 7:1)

[q json=”true” unit=”Wisdom” topic=”Wisdom” question_number=”136″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18cac3ca28ebe1″] W
Complete the following verse: “Judge not…”.

[a] “that you be not judged.” 
(Matthew 7:1)

[q json=”true” unit=”Wisdom” topic=”Wisdom” question_number=”137″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18c83c853f53e1″] W
Which book says that God’s judgements are unsearchable, and his ways are inscrutable?

[a] Romans 
(Romans 11:33)

[q json=”true” unit=”Wisdom” topic=”Wisdom” question_number=”138″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia|18c58dab8b97e1″] W
Complete the following verse with three words: “Be _____ _____ _____, as I am of Christ.”

[a] “Imitators of me” 
(1 Corinthians 11:1)


For Kids

[qdeck cards_to_show=”10″ reshow_after=”10″ align=”center” card_back=”none” dataset=”Bible Trivia for Kids”] [h] Bible Trivia for Children

[i] Here is how this Bible Trivia Works:

(1) Click ‘Check answer’ to see the answer to each card. (2) If you don’t know it as well as you’d like to, click ‘Need more practice,’ and that card will go to the bottom of the stack so you can practice it again. (3) If you know it, click ‘Got it.’ (4) ‘Shuffle’ lets you shuffle the deck.

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c563a6ed765f” question_number=”1″] OT
Whose family was taken out by angels just before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

[a] Lot
(Genesis 19)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c5456252e25f” question_number=”2″] OT
What kind of food dis Samson eat from the dead carcass of a lion?

[a] Honey
(Judges 14:8-9)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c52971c4325f” question_number=”3″] OT
What did the people use to build the tower of Babel?

[a] Bricks or stones
(Genesis 11:3)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c50d8135825f” question_number=”4″] OT
When asked for a sign, to whom did God reveal himself by having fire from a rock burn meat and bread?

[a] Gideon
(Judges 6:21)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c4f190a6d25f” question_number=”5″] OT
What did God tell Noah was the “life” of flesh?

[a] Blood
(Genesis 9:4)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c4d5a018225f” question_number=”6″] OT
What was the first thing Noah did after he left the ark?

[a] Built an altar and made an offering (or sacrifice) to the Lord.
(Genesis 8:20)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c4b75b7d8e5f” question_number=”7″] OT
Of the four items listed, which one was not contained in the Ark of the Covenant — The Ten Commandments, A Pot of Manna, David’s Slingshot or Aaron’s Rod?

[a] David’s Slingshot.
(Hebrews 9:4)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c4921abf4e5f” question_number=”8″] OT
In the story about a burning bush that wasn’t consumed, who is the main person that we read about?

[a] Moses
(Exodus 3)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c42ba8b41e5f” question_number=”9″] OT
How many times does the Bible mention that God the Father physically wrote something — 0, 1, 2, or 3?

[a] 3
(Exodus 20, 31:18; Daniel 5:5-12)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c40b100da65f” question_number=”10″] OT
Who made the first clothes of animal skins which Adam and Eve wore?

[a] God
(Genesis 3:21)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c3ef1f7ef65f” question_number=”11″] OT
What did Solomon once order to be cut in half to settle and argument between two women, knowing it wouldn’t be done?

[a] A baby
(1 Kings 3:16-18)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c3ce86d87e5f” question_number=”12″] OT
What musical instrument did David play?

[a] Harp
(1 Samuel 16:23)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|4c37164fcde5f” question_number=”13″] OT
What did Solomon ask for when God said he would have anything he needed?

[a] Wisdom or understanding mind
(1 Kings 3:5-12)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”14″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|d27a20fc374e5″] HG
On what mountain did Moses did — Ararat, Sinai, Everest, or Nebo?

[a] Nebo
(1 Kings 3:5-12)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”15″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|d277f231118e5″] HG
In what book of the Bible do we read the story of Creation?

[a] Genesis
(Genesis 1:1-31)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”16″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|d2760de7684e5″] HG
Into what kind of animals did Jesus send the demons from the demon-possessed man?

[a] Pigs or swine
(Matthew 8:32)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”17″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|d273b9db844e5″] HG
The Christian Church has two main branches. One is called Protestant. What is the other?

[a] Roman Catholic

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”18″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|d26de7bdca4e5″] HG
What holiday celebrates Jesus’ rising from the dead so that people who believe in him can live forever?

[a] Easter

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”19″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|d26c0374210e5″] HG
Which of the seven continents do most authorities think was the location of Eden?

[a] Asia

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”20″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|d269f9e9b98e5″] HG
Who wrote the most books of the Bible?

[a] Paul

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”21″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|d2675b5c590e5″] HG
In what country is Rome?

[a] Italy

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”22″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|d26039f7eece5″] HG
What king wanted to kill baby Jesus?

[a] King Herod
(Matthew 2:16)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”23″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|cf2ed869954cb”] HG
What is another name for Calvary found in the Bible?

[a] Golgotha or the Place of the Skull
(John 19:17)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”24″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|cf2b0fd642ccb”] HG
What city ruled over Jerusalem and most of the known world in the days of Jesus?

[a] Rome

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”25″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|cf276c83ae8cb”] HG
From what town did a man called Joseph come to ask for the body of Jesus?

[a] Arimathea
(Matthew 27:57-58)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”26″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|cf2413b296ccb”] HG
What country’s army was destroyed by the waters of the Red Sea?

[a] Egypt
(Exodus 14:28)

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”27″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|cf1ed697d5ccb”] HG
Name one of the two books of the Bible noted for wisdom?

[a] Proverbs or Ecclesiastes

[q json=”true” unit=”History_&_Geography” topic=”History_&_Geography” question_number=”28″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|cf1ba3077c4cb”] HG
Who destroyed the Tower of Babel?

[a] God
(Genesis 11:1-10)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” question_number=”29″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|cf17b5336b8cb”] OT
What did Adam and Eve use fig leaves for?

[a] Clothes
(Genesis 3:7)

[q json=”true” unit=”Old_Testament” topic=”Old_Testament” question_number=”30″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|cf0f8f09cd8cb”] OT
Who stole the household idols from her father Laban’s house?

[a] Rachel
(Genesis 31:30-32)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”31″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f660d3d50fef0″] PM
When Aaron stretched his road over the rivers of Egypt, what did water change into?

[a] Blood
(Exodus 8:20)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”32″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f65c50fe062f0″] PM
Why did Jesus spit into a man’s eyes?

[a] To cure his blindness
(Mark 8:23)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”33″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f6598d2fe76f0″] PM
What did Jesus cause to enter into swine or pigs?

[a] Demons or Devils
(Matthew 8:32)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”34″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f656599f8def0″] PM
What man in the OT fell down laughing when God told him his old wife would have a baby?

[a] Abraham
(Genesis 17:17)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”35″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f65395d16f2f0″] PM
Into what kind of animals did Jesus send the demons from the demon-possessed man?

[a] Pigs or swine
(Matthew 8:32)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”36″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f65017bf992f0″] PM
What is the greatest number of lepers healed at one time by Jesus, recorded in the Bible?

[a] Ten
(Luke 17:11-19)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”37″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f64d53f17a6f0″] PM
How did Jesus miraculously save the lives of his disciples?

[a] He made the storm stop.
(Matthew 8:23-27)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”38″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f649d5dfa46f0″] PM
Which prophet put a curse upon a bunch of mean young men who made fun of his bald head — Elisha, Elijah, Isaiah or Moses?

[a] Elisha
(2 Kings 2:24)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”39″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f646ecd0c76f0″] PM
What does God allow a prophet to know?

[a] The future (or what will happen)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”40″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f64393ffafaf0″] PM
What did Moses throw onto the ground that turned into a snake?

[a] A rod or staff

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”41″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f640606f562f0″] PM
Which Apostle of Jesus was healed of blindness by Ananias?

[a] Paul
(Acts 9)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”42″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f63a43d01faf0″] PM
When Jesus caused the lame man to walk, he said: “Your sins are _______.”

[a] Forgiven
(Matthew 9:5)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”43″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f637103fc62f0″] PM
What did Jesus once use clay to do?

[a] Heal a blind man
(John 9:6)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”44″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f633922df02f0″] PM
Who said to Joseph, “Rise, take the child and his mother and flee into Egypt”?

[a] An angel
(Matthew 2:13)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”45″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f62feedb5bef0″] PM
Where did Samson miraculously find honey to eat?

[a] Inside the dead body of a lion
(Judges 14:9)

[q json=”true” unit=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” topic=”Prophesy_&_Miracles” question_number=”46″ dataset_id=”Bible Trivia for Kids|f6205ccbd72f0″] PM
Who told Joseph to take Mary and the baby Jesus to Egypt?

[a] An angel
(Matthew 2:13)


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