Introduction to the Book of Malachi



Malachi’s name means “my messenger.” Although some think “my messenger” simply designates an anonymous prophet, most conservatives regard Malachi as the personal name of the sole author of the prophecy. Some critics link the prophecy to a series of three anonymous collections introduced with the expression “the burden of the word of the Lord.” They claim that two of these were erroneously appended to Zechariah (chs. 9-11 as Deutero-Zechariah and chs. 12-14 as Trito-Zechariah) and that this one called Malachi was erroneously allowed to stand independently.

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ByJustus Musinguzi

Justus Musinguzi is a passionate Bible teacher and Christian writer dedicated to empowering believers through biblical knowledge. With a focus on prayer, Bible study, and Christ-centered living, he provides insightful resources aimed at addressing life's challenges. His work on Teach the Treasures serves as a beacon for those seeking spiritual growth.