Micah’s name means, “Who is like Jehovah?” Coming from the fertile lowlands of Judah, Micah had a strong sense of ethical purity and justice that cried against the social abuses of the elite establishment who set aside God’s standards in favor of self-interest. Conservatives have maintained the unity of the book, identifying Micah, a contemporary of Isaiah, as the sole author. Although part of his message concerned the northern kingdom of Israel whose capital was Samaria, his principal preaching was directed to Jerusalem and the whole southern kingdom.

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ByJustus Musinguzi

Justus Musinguzi is a passionate Bible teacher and Christian writer dedicated to empowering believers through biblical knowledge. With a focus on prayer, Bible study, and Christ-centered living, he provides insightful resources aimed at addressing life's challenges. His work on Teach the Treasures serves as a beacon for those seeking spiritual growth.