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In the heart of Christianity lies a central figure, Jesus Christ, who is to be the focal point of our lives and our preaching. In this recent podcast episode, we embarked on a profound exploration of the importance of maintaining Christ as the centerpiece in our sermons. Our aim was to provide a fresh perspective on preaching that focuses not merely on moral conduct but primarily on directing souls to the person of Christ and His redeeming work.

Walking metaphorically alongside Jesus on the road to Emmaus, we sought to uncover the way He unveiled truths about Himself in the Old Testament scriptures. We delved into the practice of using Scripture not just as a tool to foster moral behavior but as a guide that points to Christ and His finished work. Drawing inspiration from renowned preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon, we stressed the sacred responsibility of preachers to keep the message of Christ and His cross as the primary focus.

A key point raised during the discussion was the crucial role of the Holy Spirit as the chief testifier of Christ. The Holy Spirit doesn’t bear witness to Christless sermons, which is a potent reminder of the need to incorporate the person and work of Christ into our messages. In essence, our preaching should not only motivate moral improvement but should direct people to the finished work of Christ as the practical solution to any problem.

Additionally, we took a critical look at how Jesus used Scripture to point to Himself. This underlines the importance of keeping Christ at the center of our message. Quoting Spurgeon, we reminded listeners that leaving Christ out of your preaching can alienate the Holy Spirit’s presence. Since the Holy Spirit’s purpose is to testify of Christ, our preaching should reflect this truth.

In conclusion, the ultimate goal of preaching is not merely to inspire better behavior but to lead people to Christ. Our messages should be vehicles that transport listeners to a renewed understanding and experience of Christ’s redeeming work. Preaching, at its core, should illuminate the person of Jesus, revealing His heart and His transformative power to listeners. As preachers and ministers of the gospel, we are urged to recommit to this sacred task – to preach with Christ at the heart of every message.

In the grand scheme of things, a preacher’s greatest triumph is not the moral reformation of his listeners, but their transformation through an encounter with Christ. As we prepare our sermons and minister to our congregations, may we strive to keep this truth at the forefront. May our preaching be a testament to the centrality of Christ in the gospel message, and may we inspire others to turn their hearts and lives towards Him.

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ByJustus Musinguzi

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