Women help us succeed

There is a popular saying that, “Behind every successful man is a woman.”

The annual celebration of Women’s Day should always serve as a reminder of the important role women play in our everyday lives.

How many of you can think of a woman in your family, whether it was your mother or someone else, who made a difference in your life? How many of you can think of a teacher, coach, or guidance counselor who helped you along the way? How many of you can think of a friend, coworker, or Christian sister who was there for you when you needed them the most? How many of you can recall any woman who has died but who you wish you could talk to one more time?

No matter who you are, you could not have gotten to where you are in life without the help of at least one woman.

I also usually notice the tremendous importance of women early in the morning after sleeping late the previous night. Some times, I sleep late for a number of reasons. Then I oversleep in the morning and don’t realize it until it’s almost too late. At that time, I jump out of bed and start fidgeting, wondering when I’m going to iron my clothes, only to find that my wife has already ironed my shirt, trouser, court, tie, and polished my shoes, put porridge and bread on the table, and poured some of the porridge out onto a large plate to cool it faster so that I can take it without delay.

You ladies make our lives easier by doing things like these for us, and we’re thankful for that because without you, our lives would be harder and we would not be were we are today. Without any doubt, women are indeed God’s great gift to humanity!

Happy Women’s Day!

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ByJustus Musinguzi

Justus Musinguzi is a passionate Bible teacher and Christian writer dedicated to empowering believers through biblical knowledge. With a focus on prayer, Bible study, and Christ-centered living, he provides insightful resources aimed at addressing life's challenges. His work on Teach the Treasures serves as a beacon for those seeking spiritual growth.

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